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If you are looking for more information about the club, please visit our official club website at www.50stateshalfmarathonclub.comIf you have landed here because you would like to join the club, please view JOINING OPTIONS BELOW.



(joining fee includes 1st year dues)

Current anual dues is $27.50 + $1.30 online processing fee (subject to increase) due each year on or before your anniversary date of joining.

What is included in General Membership?

Click "Sign Up" above to register here via our member portal (this will be a subscription via Paypal, and will auto-renew your annual dues yearly].

If you prefer not to use paypal auto-renewal subscription, please see all the options below.



Life Membership Includes: No online processing fee.

What is included in Life Membership?


IMPORTANT NOTE: When you use our standard registration, because it is a paypal subscription that interacts with our membership system, when it comes to checkout it will require you to sign into Paypal or create a Paypal account if you do not have one. We use this because it helps us streamline our process. IF YOU WANT TO BYPASS HAVING TO LOG INTO PAYPAL, we have created an alternate method, but we then have to create your account manually. We charge a processing fee for general membership for those that want to bypass our standard subscription processing.


OPTION 1: JOIN HERE using our standard subscription method [Click Sign-Up above] - This connects directly with our membership database, and you'll be able to immediately log in once your transaction goes through (note: this will direct you to log into Paypal or create a Paypal account to finish transaction) $79.95 CLICK "REGISTER" TO THE RIGHT (Note: You CAN use your credit card once logged into Paypal account, but since it is a subscription and connected with our member database, you do have to log in to Paypal to finish this transaction). You can register here as a Life Membership member as well.


OPTION 2: JOIN BY CREDIT OR DEBIT DIRECTLY without having to use our Paypal Membership Subscription- whereas I will set your account up manually. $79.95 + $9.05 Administrative Processing Fee = $89.00. After you pay using this OPTION TWO, I will manually set up your member account where you log in to view discounts, etc. To proceed with payment for this method, CLICK HERE.


OPTION 3: LIFE MEMBERSHIP- This option is $79.95 Joining Fee, plus the $349.05 Life Membership Fee [Total = $429]. For Life Membership, please either proceed by using our regular member sign up form by clicking "Sign Up" up top (which will check you out with paypal and will automatically create your account in member portal), or join at the following link CLICK HERE to Pay by Credit or Debit Directly, (no processing fee for Life Membership members). (Note: if you use the pay by credit or debit link, instead of the "sign up" registration here at the member portal, you will be directed to a member information form after completing payment. I will then have to set up your member account manually (usually within 24 hours unless I'm traveling).


OPTION 4: Mail in Member form (see below)
To MAIL in membership fee, please fill out this online form submit your information online here
and then mail check to address below.

OR print the registration form from the following link and include with you check when sending in mail:

Please fill out all areas that have an asterick. NOTE: MEMBERS who MAIL in membership will have to wait for me to personally set your account up manually.

Make Checks Payable to: Fifty States Half Marathon Club, and enclose $79.95 (no additional fees for sending by mail unless you need to send additional amount to meet the Rule #11 requirement). Or send $429 for Life Membership.

(I will set your account up once I receive your check in the mail)

Mail to address:

Fifty States Half Marathon Club

2955 New Center Point


Colorado Springs, CO 80922-2806


YOUTH MEMBERSHIP OPTION $40.00- For members Under 18, we started a special youth membership. Youth members will receive almost 50% off the Joining Fee and annual dues until age 18! Dues is currently $12.50 per year for youth. After completing payment, you will be directed to an online information form. Please fill that out, and I will set up the member account manually within 24 hours of joining. (Note: We do not have a discount for youth off our Life Membership option].

Youth Membership Registration Payment


NOTE: Your 1st year annual dues is INCLUDED in your joining fee. And annual dues is due yearly from the "date you joined", not in January. Use 2 or 3 discounts we have available to members and you basically covered your annual dues.

For questions about benefits, rules and guidelines, please see our Rules & Guidelines page at our main site.


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No Refunds on One Time Membership Fee or Life Membership will be given.

Please Read information above carefully along with our Club Rules & Guidelines prior to registering.


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No Refunds for  "One Time Member Fee"