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There are no minimum requirements to become a member of this club.  We welcome first time Half Marathoners.

There is no time limit or even requirement to finish our 50 States HALF Marathon Challenge™, 50 States Endurance Challenge™ or 100 HALF Anywhere Challenge™ in this club. Most members take their time and enjoy the journey, the friendships and the discounts. You can remain a member for life whether you finish a challenge or not.

Some of your prior completions of half marathons, marathons, half ironmans, and ironmans may count prior to joining the club .To see how many might qualify ... Please see #11

The Following Rules Apply:

  1. A Half Marathon distance is 21,097.5 meters, which is equivalent to 13.1 miles (21k).  For a race to count toward your 50 states or 100 half marathons, it must be announced as an official Half Marathon race (or Half Ironman distance triathlon, see #4). with official means of measurement from race organization verifying 13.1 miles, of which was publicly announced as an official Half Marathon in a means of media, such as a newspaper, website, magazine, running publication, or race brochure and of which official verifiable results are maintained and/or published to general public. (SAVE YOUR OFFICIAL RACE NUMBERS FOR VERIFICATION, though we are working to streamline the verification process to make it easy as possible). ** WE WILL ACCEPT A FULL 26.2 MARATHON TOWARD THE 50 STATE CHALLENGE, BUT NOT TOWARD THE 100 HALF CHALLENGE **
  1. The Half Marathon (or marathon) event must be an official event with a race director with means to certify runner’s completion of the half marathon (or marathon) distance, with a minimum of 20 starters and minimum of 15 finishers. (Any exception requests need to be officially requested in writing via email to VIRTUAL EVENTS DO NOT QUALIFY OR COUNT TOWARD ANY CHALLENGES (Except approved military overseas runners that are affiliated with a legitmate non-virtual race hosting a virtual event for military, mzy be approved on a case by case basis). Exception: We will accept all of our members' events from the "Mainly Marathons" series, regardless of how many start and finish.
  1. A Half Marathon (or marathon) must be run (or walked) without interruption.  Multi-day events to finish one Half Marathon (or marathon) distance does not constitute as an official Half Marathon (or full marathon) that would apply toward a finish for a state. Walkers qualify as long as the race is completed within the guidelines of the official event and comply with all other rules & guidelines set forth.
  1. A Half Marathon portion of a triathlon that has an official half marathon built into the distance, such as a Long Course with a 13.1 mile finish or an official Half Ironman with a 13.1 mile finish, may be counted as a Half Marathon. The same rules apply as in 1 through 3 (official event, race director, verifiable results, etc). (Full Ironman can also count toward the 50 STATE CHALLENGE)
  1. To officially earn a completion of a half marathon (or marathon), you must officially complete the race.  Not finishing a race or being disqualified from a race does not qualify as completing a Half Marathon (or marathon) or Half Iron distance triathlon, therefore will not constitute as a race completion for that state or toward your 100 half marathon challenge.
  1. Running a Half Marathon (or other qualified event) that crosses borders of more than one state will only count as ONE STATE of which can only be the location of which the event started or finished.
  1. Relays will not count, unless the individual ran an official 13.1 mile individually timed half marathon, and it is a non-interrupted race.  Relays such as Ragnar Relays or Hood to Coast will not be considered, as they are not run without interruption. We WILL count a 13.1 mile race if you we're the runner in a half ironman relay, or the 26.2mi in a Ironman relay, as each of those are a run without interruption and have an official start and finish for 13.1 and 26.2 mile distance.
  1. Non-registered participants that are coaching, pacing, guiding, may not count the event unless they are officially registered in the race with their own race number.
  1. VERIFICATION: For verification purposes, please ensure you retain documentation from each race you finish.  Accepted verification materials can be any of the following: 1) race bib OR medal; 2) Finisher’s certificate; 3) published events in an “official” media, or official online race results (we don't recommend completely relying on this to stick around online). We are working to streamline this process, and will work to make the process easy for our members. . ALL EVENTS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED TOWARD YOUR CHALLENGE must be listed on your tracking spreadsheet (all members receive), and MUST INCLUDE: Event, the distance, the exact date and year, official time, City and State event took place in. Most of all.... DON'T STRESS OUT over this. Just make sure you have all documented on the tracking form provided to you when you become a member. I will work with you on the rest. I mean who seriously wants to have an award for something they really didn't accomplish? We'll work with each individual on this when it's getting time to finalize verification.
  1. EARNING AN AWARD: To receive an award for completing the 50 States HALF Marathon Challenge™, 50 States Endurance Challenge™ or the 100 HALF Anywhere Challenge™, 500 Endurance Challenge™, or 7 Continents Endurance Challenge™, one must be a Fifty States HALF Marathon Club member in good standing at the time of completion of the states. To receive a 2nd award of finishing one of the 50 States Challenges a 2nd time around, one must also be in good standing at the time of completion. The 100 HALF Anywhere Challenge is a one time award, and members will work toward the 500 Endurance Challenge following the 100. Either of our 50 States Challenges can repeated again, however we are looking into coming up with a new award for 2nd time 50 State finishers.
  1. IMPORTANT:  There are NO Minimum Half Marathon Completions to join, however to receive the COMPLIMENTARY AWARDS Members must finish as a member a MINIMUM of 25 states WHILE IN MEMBER STATUS (of the 50 TOTAL) for either of the 50 State Challenges, and/or their last 50 HALFS (of the 100 TOTAL) for the 100 HALF Anywhere Challenge™ while in membership status AND be in current good standing when completing the 50th state or 100th HALF, to obtain complimentary final award . This means you want to join BEFORE you hit 25 states, and BEFORE you reach 50 HALFS of the 100 Challenge (the earlier you join in the journey the better, as you will have discounts to use along your journey). (SEE EXCEPTION WAIVER BELOW).

    Since we are a running club and not a trophy store, .... Members who do not meet this criteria or members who may have finished all 50 states or 100 half marathons prior to joining Fifty States HALF Marathon Club, may purchase a Fifty States HALF Marathon Club 50 state finisher award or 100th HALF award for $75 plus shipping and handling, though you must still become a member first).


    For those that are ALREADY past 25 states (of 50) prior to becoming a member OR for those that already completed MORE than 50 HALFS (toward the 100 challenge) prior to becoming a member, where you are therefore unable to finish the minimum of 25 of your states while in member status, we WILL make a special EXCEPTION and will WAIVE the rule of these members having to PURCHASE a trophy IF MEMBER JOINS CLUB AND THEN IMMEDIATELY VISITS OUR ANNUAL DUES PAGE AFTER BECOMING A MEMBER AND PAYS FOR 3 year annual dues renewal, 5 year annual dues renewal, or Lifetime annual dues renewal at our club online store. You must first go through the general "Join Membership" process first. Member will then be eligible for all complimentary awards under the following Waiver rules:

    If you are between 51 and 74 (of 100 halfs) AND between 26 to 38 (of 50 States) and follow directions above, you will be eligible for waiver to receive BOTH trophies complimentary [with the additional 3 year annual dues renewal or longer. Renewal must be purchased same week of becoming a member for waiver to be accepted].

    If you are at 75 Halfs complete or above (of your 100 halfs) AND 39 or above (toward your 50 states) you will be eligible for waiver to receive BOTH trophies complimentary [with the addition 5 year annual dues renewal or longer. Renewal must be purchased same week of becoming a member for waiver to be accepted]].

    If you are above the threshold of 25 (of 50 states) OR 50 (of 100 halfs) ONLY FOR ONE Challenge, and under the threshold for one of the challenges, you will be eligible for waiver for that challenge [with the additional 3 year annual dues renewal or longer. Renewal must be purchased same week of becoming a member for waiver to be accepted].

    But don't fret over 3 or 5 years of membership! :) Our members are awesome, our annual meet ups are fun, and our half marathon discount list is large .... and growing! You won't want to leave us anyway! ;)

    If you completed a challenge prior to joining our club, unfortunatlely we do not offer a waiver for prior challenge completions. You may purchase a trophy for prior completions if you choose.

    If you have a special scenario, please email me for review & consideration.

    If this is confusing to you, please feel free to reach out to

    With our annual dues being only $21.00, your savings from the discounts we have to races, can well over pay for your annual dues plus save you money annually, if you run more than a couple half marathons annually. So it is a benefit to join earlier, than later. There is no benefi of waiting unitl later along your journey. We have well over 300 event discounts and growing.

  2. TRACKING AND REQUIRED TO RECEIVE AN AWARD: All events each inidividual would like counted toward a challenge, whether completed prior or during membership, must be documented on the tracking spreadsheet all members receive. Each event must be listed with exact date of completion, name of race, city and state, official time, and race distance. Unfortunately, we do NOT provide any services to NON-members.  You must be a member to receive or purchase an award. Special requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing to the President of Fifty States HALF Marathon Club for consideration and approval.



Complimentary awards are ordered on an annual basis, once verification process is complete. Our present award consists of a very nice Gold Cup on a wood base personally engraved with your name and challenge on it. ALL AWARDS ARE PRESENTED AT OUR ANNUAL MEMBER & AWARDS NIGHT MEET UP AT A NEW DESTINATION ANNUALLY. Since we are a club, we would like to encourage all members finishing a challenge to truly try to make it to our awards night for your special accomplishment. For members who earned an award and can not attend the annual meet up & awards night to receive your award, here are your options:

1) I could give the award at our annual meet up to another member who lives near you that may be attending, if they could be willing to travel with it.

2) If you are going to be in Colorado at all, you could arrange to meet me to receive it (Denver / Boulder metro)

3) You could arrange for another member who is planning to do a race you have scheduled, to pick it up at the annual meet up and then bring it to that race. (I can help you wit this if you send me your race schedule that you have planned post annual meet up).

4) You could pay for flat rate shipping, large box USPS which is currently $17.45 (we will have all trophies approximately 4 weeks prior to the annual meet up and can send once we have it).

Please send check to: PO Box 260430, Lakewood, CO 80226


Rules, guidelines, prices, procedures, challenges, benefits and discounts are subject to change at anytime at discretion of Fifty States HALF Marathon Club LLC. Adminstrative membership fee is non-refundable.



Please See Home Page for Member Benefits

Benefits, annual dues and costs of Membership may change at the discretion of the Fifty States Half Marathon Club LLC.

The one time initial administrative fee is non-refundable. No Exceptions.

Annual dues is due every year from the date you join. First year annual dues is included in your joining fee.

It is our sole intention to try to keep membership and all other costs cost effective for our members and make this the best club we can for all Half Marathoners.

DISCLAIMER: When you become a member of Fifty States Half Marathon Club LLC, you waive and release Fifty States Half Marathon Club LLC, its members, Partners, and Sponsors, of all claims and/or liabilities of any kind, including, but not limited to, participation in all training, membership activities, running events, such as marathons, half marathons, etc, and all group meet-ups. When you become a member, you accept responsibility for all, and not limited to, injuries, illness and any other mishaps affiliated with running or activities involved in club membership. Participation is at your own risk. For all members who file a dispute for the initial one time non-refundable membership fee (with paypal, credit card company, etc), your member priviliges and account will be immediately terminated. However due to the information you gained access to by becoming a member and proprietary tracking information provided, the one time initial administrative fee is non-refundable. No Exceptions.



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